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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 4, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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bike path is officially open. >> the next big project on the list is the bart extension from fremont to san jose eclipsing even the cost of the new bay bridge. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morninggood morning, everyone, it's wednesday, september 3. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:00. we are following several developing stories as you wake up this morning. ariel castro the man convicted of kidnapping, raping and torturing three cleveland women for over a decade has killed himself. prison officials say he was found hanging in his cell last night. senators have revised a resolution that would authorize president obama to use military force against syria. the new draft specifically prohibits the president from putting u.s. troops on the ground. >> an overnight fire in san leandro killed one person. neighbors rushed to get the victim out of a burning trailer
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but were unsuccessful. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran spoke to one woman who injured her hands while trying to save her neighbor. she joins us live now with the very latest. cate. >> reporter: she tried to break the windows cutting her hand. we saw that as we were talking to her. that same woman we spoke to said she grabbed her son as soon as she saw smoke coming from the back of this travel trailer. we have seen firefighters going in and out processing the scene looking for evidence on how this fire might have started. the neighbor we spoke to said it was an elderly woman who lived inside and when she got here she said she and others tried to look for anything to put out the fire, garden hoses, they struggled to find anything. first she called out and asked the woman inside if she was okay. >> she yelled out, no, i'm not okay, you know? so we were all trying to break the windows and trying to get in and my friend here he broke
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the front door. and we couldn't get in. and she had locks on the door, locks on the door. >> reporter: so we're told that the woman inside was trapped. alameda fire got here within minutes after the first call at 3:30. when they got here, the travel trailer was fully engulfed in flames and it was halfway through fighting that fire when they found the woman already dead. now, investigators are on scene and they are trying to figure out right now if foul play was involved. reporting live in san leandro, cate caugiran, kpix 5. let's get a check on the weather. >> starting out with patchy, dense fog around parts of the bay area. the north bay some of the visibilities down about a quarter mile in toward the napa valley. half mile into santa rosa. headed through the day though we are going to see more sunshine and looking very nice out over the bay just some broken clouds now. and more sun on the way. the temperatures not all that bad. you have 50s and cooler numbers in the north bay, 60s elsewhere around the bay area.
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and i think as we look toward the afternoon skies becoming mostly sunny and these temperatures looking fairly mild for this time of year. comfortable into the afternoon maybe slightly below the average in concord and livermore at 83. 80 in san jose right on average at 69 degrees in san francisco. more on your weather in a couple of minutes. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. out towards the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights were turned on at 5:44 this morning. so traffic is beginning to stack up. it's also a little slow up the incline. but there are reports of a stall and it's been cleared to the shoulder of the new eastern span. we couldn't say that just a week ago. usually when we have one stall it quickly backs up in all lanes and obviously that's not the case. traffic is flowing freely once you get on the span this morning heading out towards treasure island. where we are seeing delays is down the eastshore freeway. it looks like beginning around carlston if you are coming
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westbound through richmond and -- carlson if you are coming westbound through richmond and the maze. the golden gate golden gate and richmond/san rafael at the limit. no issues on mass transit. bart, muni, caltrain and ace all on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. the man many called a monster is dead. convicted kidnapper ariel castro was found hanging in an ohio prison cell late last night. kpix 5's joe vazquez reports, castro was only a month into his life plus 1,000-year sentence. >> reporter: just a little more than a month since he was sentenced to more than 1,000 years in prison, a prison guard found ariel castro hanging in his cell. they rushed him to the hospital but it was too late. castro was sentenced august 1 after pleading guilty to kidnapping three girls, amanda berry, michelle knight and gina dejesus keeping them imprisoned in his basements for over a
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decade. according to a statement from prison officials, castro was housed in protective custody which means he was in a cell by himself. guards were required to make rounds every 30 minutes at staggered intervals. >> what went on in the house was consensual. these allegations about being forced upon them, that is totally wrong. >> reporter: the women were rescued back in may. the house later demolished, replaced by a memorial. people in that neighborhood can't believe it. >> i think he did those girls a favor by taking his own life because he took theirs. >> reporter: what was your reaction? >> well, my first reaction was shock because in this neighborhood you're really shocked to hear something like that happen and to finally come to the conclusion that it actually happened right here with this memorial is actually place is just amazing.
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>> reporter: the kidnap victims released a video. here's michelle knight commenting on the monster who kept them captive. >> i don't want to be consumed by hatred. with that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. we have been hurt by people but we need to rely on god as being the judge. >> reporter: it's still not clear how he got the material to hang himself or if he had help. prison officials say they are investigating. in the newsroom, joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> castro fathered a child with amanda berry. that girl is now 6. some news around the bay now, the problems with the investigation into a deadly bicyclist crash have prompted a hearing on how those accidents are handled. a san francisco supervisor called for a special hearing after a truck struck and killed a woman and a bike south of market last month. police say the truck driver was
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at fault but he has not been cited and the case has not gone to prosecutors. a bay area oyster farm is another step closer to closing. yesterday, judges ruled to uphold a previous decision not to renew the farm's lease and instead return the area wilderness. the farm owner is considering asking the full court to review the decision. drakes bay oyster company plants and harvests at least a third of the state's oysters at point reyes. and the bus line that runs up and down san mateo county is looking to lower prices. samtrans will hold a hearing on the fare changes. the plan is to lower day passes and offer group discounts to housing complexes and business in hopes of attracting more riders. time is running out to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act. those who are uninsured must find coverage by next march. enrollment begins in less than a month. dozens showed up at a town hall meeting in fremont last night to get a better understanding
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of obamacare. it was hosted by congressman mike honda. the bill, which is 2700 pages long, left a lot of people confused. >> it did not ease my mind. it answered some specific questions but it didn't make me feel any more comfortable with the process. >> pretty self-evident tonight that there's a lot of questions and a lot of things that we needed to negotiate, understand better. >> the "covered california" website is a good source for information. a healthcare town hall meeting is planned for tonight in san francisco and another next week in hayward. 6:08 now. president obama's call for a military strike in syria seems to be gaining some momentum. leaders of both parties in congress have announced they are convinced syria's president used chemical weapons on his own people but many lawmakers including some in the bay area are not convinced. more on those developments from kpix 5's allen martin. >> reporter: from the white
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house -- >> it does not involve boots on the ground. >> reporter: to the hill. >> it did happen. >> reporter: -- the obama administration is urging congress to give the president the go-ahead to unleash a military strike against targets in syria saying the syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. in a rare display of unity, the house leaders agree. >> this is something that the united states as a country needs to do. >> we must respond. >> reporter: but as for the rank-and-file democrats in the bay area, they are not convinced. >> i think there are more questions than answers at this point. >> reporter: congresswoman sew lofgren of san jose coauthored a public letter with fellow lawmaker anna eshoo of palo alto addressed to the national security advisor with a list of questions. >> what if there's retaliation against turkey or israel? what would the u.s. be required to do then. >> reporter: they are not
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alone. other bay area democrats want to know more of the facts and any alternatives. >> i think it's not a slam- dunk. >> reporter: professor henry brady dean of the goldman school of public policy at uc- berkeley says in the last few months, thanks to nsa surveillance, drone strikes and now syria, lawmakers on both sides are pushing back. >> it's an extraordinary coalition. >> reporter: as for the lofgren-issue letter brady says it's good for public policy. >> they are asking very good questions. and that they are doing what elective representatives should do which is ask the hard questions of the administration. >> reporter: questions he said the administration should answer. allen martin, kpix 5. >> according to our exclusive kpix 5/surveyusa poll, 73% of people here in the bay area believe the syrian government is guilty of chemicals cal attacks but only 29% are in favor of air strikes. 23% say the united states should take no action at all. 39% say the united states should only offer support for
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the syrian people. 6:10. coming up, texting and driving is dangerous even using a hands- free method. how lawmakers are hoping to make sure teens don't use their phones at all behind the wheel. >> and what better way to celebrate going back to school than with free ice cream? the baskin-robbins flavor of the month that will have your mouth-watering. >> we have a big heatup on the way. some of that ice cream may taste pretty good toward the weekend. we'll have more on that coming up. >> one of our busiest rides is the altamont pass through the livermore valley. that and the rest of traffic coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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campus of a spring, texas, high school. you're taking a look at an aerial view. this is a live shot right now at the scene. i believe this is in front of the school. you can see police are down there. we're told that that victim is being flown to the hospital. teenagers may soon be banned from sending text messages white driving in california. drivers -- while driving in california. drivers under 18 wouldn't be able to use even hands-free messages. "rideshare" services are now getting regulated. the california public utilities commission will vote on proposed regulations for the mobile app space startups today. there's been a lot of conflict in san francisco between the taxi industry and the "rideshare" companies. now, the proposed rules include background checks for the drivers, insurance requirements, zero tolerance on alcohol and drugs, and driver training. the cpuc could also lump all the services under one name
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which would be the transportation network company vehicles. 6:15 right now. let's check the roads with elizabeth. how's it looking? >> pretty good except westbound 580 busy like usual this time of the morning so nothing too crazy out there but it is backing up out of tracy and it looks like all the way to north livermore avenue. that's when travelers start to see the speed limit again. but in the meantime you got a long line of brake lights just behind that exit. no accidents, just the usual commuter traffic. and looks like things are filling in, in all the lanes now over at the bay bridge toll plaza. for a while, the left lanes were still in the clear. it was just the fastrak lanes backing up. but enough to you're starting to see -- now you're starting to see delays in the overcrossing approaches all lanes and the metering lights were turned on again a little earlier than we're used to seeing it at 5:44 this morning, about 3 minutes later than the first morning commute for the new eastern span so the approaches are back up. but once you get on to the bridge itself, everything is looking good all the way into san francisco. lower deck looks good out of san francisco, as well.
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here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. right side of your screen is the commute direction. no delay in either direction, about 14 minutes between hayward and the peninsula. and once again, the eastshore freeway is stacking up a little bit approaching richmond. this is what it looks like approaching carlson and then it looks like that all the way out towards berkeley. that is traffic. for your latest forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. we got some changes in the not too distant future today not going to be a bad day but we are starting out with patchy, dense fog. visibility down to a quarter mile in the napa valley. still, it looks like we are going to see mostly sunny skies as we head out toward the afternoon and the temperatures going to be very mild to warm in spots and we are going to heat things up as we head in toward the weekend. looks like this area of low pressure is a slow mover so probably going to hang around for a couple of more days. so that means temperatures will be seasonal slightly below average. so mild to warm in spots. getting a little hot though into the central valley. headed to fresno today about 97
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degrees. lots of smoke in the high country, 70s into lake tahoe. about 91 in yosemite. 69 degrees into monterey bay. mostly sunny. temperatures in the south bay today should be running up in the 70s and the 80s this afternoon. you will find 60s toward the coast starlight with a mix of sun and clouds. in the east bay, about 80 benicia, and 83 degrees in the napa valley. the ridge of high pressure starts to build in friday. temperatures soaring into the mid-90s in the warmest spots on friday. and the weekend probably just a tad warmer. then next week, we are going to see those temperatures cooling off at least a few degrees.
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goo ice cream weather. baskin-robbins is bringing back its buy one, get one free two scoop sundae off starting today and every wednesday through the end of the year. by the way, september's flavor of the month, german chocolate cake. we should go, frank. >> i'm in. >> all right. >> you buy, i'll get the free one. >> i don't like that idea. [ laughter ] ucla bruins are turning up the heat with some slick new uniforms. when the team will debut the new look. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. the defending u.s. open champion was on the ropes. and division rivals collide in oakland for first place. we'll show you what happened coming up. >> and what is cool about your school? you can submit your nomination at our website, go to and we may come out and feature your school on the big show. stay with us.
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weather looking good. should be a great day for a game. we have the a's and the rangers. sunshine, game time 12:35. temperature of 74 degrees. and bridge check for you now. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is stacking up towards the west grand overcrossessing. we're also seeing delays at some of the approaches to the bay bridge. san mateo and your golden gate commutes look good. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. good morning, everybody. just 16,133 on hand at the coliseum last night to watch the a's and rangers battle for the lead in the american league west. tied at one in the fifth when colon couldn't field the comebackers. that was an error. that opened up the floodgates. derek takes him off the wall in
6:24 am
right field to put texas ahead 2-1. that was part of a three- run 5th inning off colon. then, aj brzezinski blooped into no man's land. rangers move into first place by one game. they beat the a's 5-1. meanwhile, madison baumgarner has one win since the all-star break. no decision last night. tied at 2 in the 8th, that's a off lopez. padres beat the giants 3-2. u.s. open defending champ murray lost the first set, then woke up and won three straight sets. he gets the win over dennis easterman. serena williams won in 52 minutes. and it took our crew, believe it or not, folks, longer to get to the entrance of the bay bridge than it took serena to winner had tennis match in 52 minutes last night. that's it. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. thank you, dennis.
6:25 am
play of the day, back to the coliseum, josh donaldson did a little magic. grabbing over the tarp, and makes a great catch gets a little help from the fans. that man is out. donaldson is okay you about the a's lost. they are one game back of the rangers. they have a matinee today hopefully back into first place 12:35 first pitch. >> they lost but got the play of the day. ucla's football team is make a fashion statement this season. the bruins will wear these all black uniforms when they play the washington huskies in mid- november. adidas released photos of the uniforms called l.a. midnight. black pants, jersey and stylized helmets. >> karnow is an alum. i'm missing the baby blue, i'm sorry. >> i like it. reigning america's cup champions oracle team usa is punished for cheating. they were fined $250,000 for i will lead modifications to
6:26 am
boats used in warmup regattas, illegal modifications. they will forfeit two games to finals in new zealand. hurricane sandy, superstorm sandy, the joplin tornado disasters that hit the country over the years. still no safety plans in place for schoolchildren. how california measures up. >> live in san leandro where neighbors struggle to save an elderly woman inside a burning travel trailer. the one move they say made things worse. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of ripping off cancer patie how police say he took money now that the new span of the bay bridge is open to
6:30 am
traffic, we are taking a look at some of the next big projects when it comes to transportation here in the bay area. >> and a bay area doctor accused of ripping off cancer patients. how police say he took money from those who needed it the most and used it for himself. some patchy fog around the bay area, more sunshine to come and some warmer temperatures too. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and we have society brake lights showing up now on your southbound 680 ride through the sunol grade. your longest travel time delays. we'll let you know coming up. >> and good morning, everyone. wednesday is here. it's september 4. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. and we begin this hour with some breaking news out of texas. local media reports that a student was stabbed on campus of a spring, texas, high school there. it's a little north of houston. that person has been flown to the hospital. there are also reports that one person may be dead on campus there and that a 16-year-old boy was involved in the incident. information is just coming in. we'll keep you updated.
6:31 am
developing news overnight. a woman tried to save her neighbor trapped in a burning travel trailer but couldn't get her out in time. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins us from san leandro gathering more details on this fire. cate. >> reporter: michelle, really neighbors were the first responders in this case. i want to show you that it's still an active scene out here. we have investigators inside that travel trailer. we're told that there's an investigator inside really just sifting through the rubble trying to figure out how this started in the first place. as for the woman who spoke to us this, she said she came here after she smelled smoke, even spoke to the woman she said lived inside that trailer. >> so, are you okay? i don't know who she is. she said, no, i'm not! >> reporter: now, she and other neighbors struggled to try and help her. they looked for garden hoses, anything to try to put out the flames. unfortunately, all the doors were locked and the neighbor we spoke to says the victim is a disabled woman and was trapped. she told us she and her son thought they were helping when
6:32 am
they tried to break open the windows. >> my son came out and neighbors came out, we were breaking the windows and everything else and there was just a little bit of smoke and all of a sudden it went up to a big, big, big smoke, big fire. >> reporter: alameda county fire says this started right around 3:35 this morning. they were able to knock out the fire quickly. but unfortunately, they were not able to save the person inside. and neighbors say they first saw smoke in the back of that trailer that you're looking at right now but the firefighters still do not know how this whole thing started. now, the neighbor we spoke to told us that the woman who lived here was a hoarder. now, firefighters could not confirm this but they did tell us there was quite a bit of stuff inside that trailer making it very, very difficult for them to fight the flames. reporting live in san leandro, cate caugiran, kpix 5. a new development this morning in ohio where preliminary autopsy results confirm notorious kidnapper ariel castro killed himself. a guard found castro hanging in
6:33 am
his cell at this prison last night. he was sentenced to live plus 1,000 years in prison last month for kidnapping three young women and raping them in his cleveland home for nearly a decade. his former neighbors are not sympathetic. >> well, if he didn't take his own life somebody was gonna take it. he deserved to die. he kept them girls all that time. so he got what he had coming. >> ariel castro was taken off suicide watch in early june. since then, he had been in protective custody and checked by guards every 30 minutes. the new bay bridge is now open to cars and bikes, as well. cyclists can access the path in emeryville and west oakland but the path isn't quite finished yet. for now it stops right before yerba buena island. it will be completed when the "s" curve is removed. many on the new path are excited to see the view. >> this is a structure that the
6:34 am
bay area is going to use for decades. and it's going to be an iconic part of the bay area. i'm just excited that we're here for a moment in history. >> it's amazing just looking at the two bridges converge at the very top where the bike path ended. it's nice and also looking back towards the east bay was amazing and really scenic. >> the bike path is named after electioner zuckerman. he was -- alexander zuckerman. he was an avid biker for biking rights. bay area transportation are now looking forward to the next big thing here, a couple of projects in the works. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in fremont at the starting point of one of the projects. >> reporter: good morning. right now, this is the end of the line for bart. but that is going to change by 2018. that is just one of big transportation projects on the docket right now for bay area transit officials. let's take another look at the
6:35 am
bay bridge which just opened on monday. the most recent accomplishment, new span costing $6.4 billion. and it took almost 24 years to complete. as that project wraps up, this one is under way. the bart extension from fremont to san jose and santa clara. it's going to be even more expensive than the bay bridge. about $7 billion. that's not going to be finished for several years. so as we've seen as the year tick on there is a good chance of cost overruns. then there's the mother of all public works projects this is california, high-speed rail from san francisco to southern california costs estimated between 65 and $80 billion. >> we've seen how tough it is to build big projects these days in our state with all the red tape and all the chances for people to belly-ache about things. i think the high-speed rail project is going to have a lot of those same troubles in store. >> reporter: now, the next big project to be finished is the fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel in the east bay.
6:36 am
that could actually be open by the end of this month. so if you are a commuter and use 24, the end is in sight. things will get a little bit easier within a matter of a few weeks. frank. >> folks in orinda, lafayette, walnut creek are applauding as you speak. anne, a question for you: is there any way to prevent costs from getting out of control on these projects? >> reporter: that's the whole question -- the whole bay bridge project, that got crazy. that's going to be a case study. the senate transportation is going through it all with a fine-tooth comb trying to figure out what went wrong, when and how that happened to prevent it from happening hopefully in some of our future transportation projects. >> anne makovec live in fremont, thanks. a former doctor at valley medical center in san jose is being charged with taking money meant for cancer research and using it to pay his own bills. kiet do tells us how he got caught. reporter: the staff at valley medical center knew something was wrong when reimbursement checks just started showing up in the mail.
6:37 am
the d.a.'s office says they were addressed directly to a doctor who had just quit. normally checks are made out to the hospital. investigators say the american college of radiology had been sending dr. do checks for kansas research for the past year. prosecutors say he pocketed more than $46,000. and they have evidence dr. do used the stolen money to pay verizon cell phone bills, visa and chase credit cards and his parents' mortgage. the doctor turned himself in last week and was charged with felony and misappropriation of public funds. >> that was kiet do reporting. if convicted, he faces four years in prison. new this morning a report suggests most states are not doing enough to protect children in schools and children from disasters like -- and child care from disasters like hurricane katrina. a report faults 28 states and the district of columbia. it says those states have failed to require emergency safety plans recommended by a national commission. california is among the states
6:38 am
that has complied, by the way. so california is doing okay. >> we're doing all right. >> ironically we don't have to worry about hurricanes in california. >> no. >> but other parts of the country do but they have revised the forecast actually down where we thought it was going to be a more active season doesn't look like that's the way. >> earthquakes a different story. >> we have a different story. starting out with patchy fog early on today. that should gave way to some sunshine a little bit later but you're looking toward the financial district and we have some cloudy skies out there right now. the deck is very low. it means it will break up very early on. temperatures in the 50s and also the 60s. as we head in toward the latter part of the day, we'll see a lot of sunshine, these numbers warming up to 70s and 80s in the south bay. east bay in the 80s. sunshine into san francisco, 69 degrees there. 75 in oakland. about 72 degrees very nice in sausalito. more on the heatup coming up in our direction. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is
6:39 am
heating up the most in our traffic department. it's because it's stacking up towards the macarthur maze. they did turn on the metering lights earlier than we're used to seeing them once again at 5:44 this morning. so just about all your lanes are stacking up. and like i said, it's about a 20-minute wait to get on the bay bridge. once you get on the new eastern span traffic moves well. the approaches are stacking up as well this morning. no delay past the incline. altamont pass slow out of tracy all the way to north livermore avenue. then we see some improvement. it is crowded still heading out towards the dublin interchange. those red sensors turn to yellow ones as you turn into dublin. brake lights southbound 680 beginning right around highway 84 and continuing past sheridan road. live look outside here's a look at the south bay 101 near the mckee exit and it's busy
6:40 am
especially in the northbound lanes heading towards santa clara. back to you. time now 6:39. we should get a peek at the new iphone next week. the hint that has us seeing colors. >> and the market opened about 10 minutes ago. take a quick check of those early numbers on this hump day. and we have a bit of a mixed review there. the nasdaq is up, the rest are down. we'll crunch the numbers and more with wendy gillette from coming up next.
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mccain was caught playing p on his i- phone during n whether senator john mccain doesn't have a very good poker face apparently. he was caught playing poker on his iphone during yesterday's hearings on whether to take military action in syria. "washington post" photographer snapped the photo which as you might imagine quickly went
6:44 am
viral. the senator, though, came clean and was unapologetic. >> as much as i like and always listen in rapt attention constantly with remarks of my colleagues over a 3.5-hour period, occasionally i get a little bored and so i resorted, but the worst thing about it is, i lost thousands of dollars in this game. >> well, at least he has a sense. humor. it wasn't real money, by the way, just play money on the computer. the president is getting flak of this shot of him with his foot on the desk with a phone call. check the invite to apple's next big event. the polka dots hint at the new chores for the latest iphone. apple didn't elaborate of course but the new iphone is widely expected to be unveiled next tuesday. google is taking product
6:45 am
placement too an entirely new level. the internet giant says it's naming the 4.4 version of its android smartphone kit-kat. yup. it will be named after the delicious chocolate coated wafers, my favorite by the way. >> delicious. >> delicious. love them. the phone is examined to launch sometime in november. hoevfully it will not melt in hot weather. >> i love snickers. >> that's number 2. but kit-kat number one. a good day for news from carmakers domestic and foreign. wendy gillette from joins us live from new york with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. ic ? ers is my snack. frank and michelle, strong truck sales lifted chrysler to its best august in six years. the automaker sold almost 166,000 cars and trucks last month. a 12% increase. all automakers report their august sales numbers today and analysts expect they will rise 12% from a year ago. the news is tempered by growing indications that the u.s. could launch a military attack on syria. the markets opened the day
6:46 am
mixed. right now the dow is up 6 points. toyota is recalling almost 370,000 vehicles worldwide for two separate issues. the recalls include some lexus models and highlander hybrid suvs. 200,000 are being recalled for a hybrid system problem. another 169,000 may have an issue with an engine bolt. walmart workers are planning to launch protests in 15 cities tomorrow. the union-backed group our walmart expects they will be the largest demonstration since the strike on black friday last year. workers want wages raised to at least $25,000 a year and for walmart to reverse the termination of 20 employees who took part in a strike in june. we're hearing major hotel chains are focusing on their robberies? >> yes. hotels are trying to get you to stay a little longer but not just in the rooms; in their lobbies. they are now transforming into places to, works hang out it friends or have a drink. many hotel chains like marriott, starwood and hyatt
6:47 am
are spending billions to make their lobbies more user- friendly hoping guests will be willing to pay more for rooms and spend more on alcohol. >> i don't know. that might work. who knows. all right. wendy gillette,, thank you. it is 6:47 now. another check of traffic. how's it going on day 2 of the bay bridge. we are really watching the commute heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza and some of the approaches and once again like yesterday, it's that eastshore freeway commute westbound 80 that backed up quickly once they turned the metering lights on. so this is a live look right now through richmond and it looks like that now all the way down past the berkeley exit into emeryville. once you reach the bay bridge toll plaza, there is an accident reported on the northbound 880 flyover heading towards the toll plaza and behind the pay gates themselves traffic is stacked up toward the maze. once you get on the eastern span it's crowded up the incline but still moving okay all the way out towards treasure island and the tunnel and then things look good all the way into san francisco. so just getting there some of the approaches, that's what's
6:48 am
stacking up right now. if you are heading towards the san mateo bridge and the peninsula, this is a live look. things look great. southbound 880 is a little sluggish approaching highway 92. we had a stall that they just cleared but if you are heading out towards the peninsula no delays over the high-rise. dumbarton moving at the limit, as well. and bart no issues all morning. in fact, 50 trains, more than 50 trains, a few more trains than 50, are all running on time including those ones heading towards downtown san francisco. that's your latest "timesaver traffic." with more on your forecast, it's finally starting to feel a little like summer around here. here's lawrence. >> it will be feeling like summer on the weekend. a lot of sunshine today still some patchy, dense fog in the north bay valleys visibilities down to a quarter mile in the napa valley right now and delays at sfo too. more on that in a moment. still, by the afternoon, we are going to see mostly sunny skies and the temperatures going to be mild to warm but a warming trend in effect as we head in toward the weekend but a slow- moving low pressure system is
6:49 am
going to keep temperatures seasonal and probably through tomorrow. after that high pressure builds in and temperatures warm up. delays at sfo on arriving flights of about an hour this morning. by the afternoon, that should clear out with mostly sunny skies. around the country a couple of trouble spots, chance of thunderstorms in houston at 97, and chance of thunderstorms in denver, 95. 82 partly cloudy in chicago. 81 degrees in new york. around the bay today we'll find some 60s, a mix of sun and clouds toward the coastline, sunshine inside the bay with 70s and 80s. and 80s in plenty of the valleys. next couple of days we keep those temperatures down but by friday we start to heat things up. and the weekend could see some mid-90s in some of the interior central list. then cooling down next week. time to check out your kpix 5 schoolcast for today for casa grande high school in petaluma if you are headed out the door, yeah maybe a couple of patches of fog, temperatures in the 50s. but by lunchtime, hey, 70s out there. by the time you get out temperatures almost 80 degrees by the afternoon. if you would like to have your school featured here for a special schoolcast, go to
6:50 am
we would love to put them on the air. petaluma great place to be today. >> at least they can have lunch outside. >> i hope so. >> i think you can anywhere in the bay area today. >> looks pretty good, nice day. thank you. 6:50. time now for a look at what's coming up a little bit later this morning on "cbs this morning." >> look who it is. gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning, gayle. >> reporter: i just heard the schoolcast. isn't any day a good day to go to school? but the weather sounds good. >> it shower does. >> ahead "a" list stars including will ferrell are now helping to promote the president's healthcare law. how other big names are lending their support and republicans are fighting back. plus only on "cbs this morning," nfl commissioner roger goodell will be here in studio 57 live and in color for his first interview since the league's landmark concussion settlement. and we're taking a closer look at the first of its kind flu
6:51 am
vaccine. a doctor will explain what makes it unique and it could be hard to find. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00 straight up. if you think it's too early to start talking about the flu, doctors say we should start thinking about it after labor day. >> it's going to be 90 degrees here though. i'm not sure. >> no. >> see you gooist. >> by the way, gayle, you're a local gal, menlo, you're a local girl. >> yes, i am. >> thank you. >> i was a menlo-atherton bear. i could do the cheer for you if you would like. >> we'll save that for next wednesday. [ laughter ] >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> i was ready. >> all right. >> thank you. 6:51 now. the newest thing in "star wars" actually -- [ pause ] >> there it is -- is the oldest thing in "star wars." there we go. starting today dark horse comics is doing 8 issues based on something george lucas wrote in 1974 called "the star wars,"
6:52 am
the first draft of the popular series. there are similarities but fans will notice plenty of differences, as well. the project has george lucas' blessing, as well. time now 6:52. a volcano starts spewing ash in peru. what scientists think caused the eruption. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. need to know at 6- 55 -- senators have revised a resolution that would autho president obama to use mili force against syria. the prohibits here are the five things you need to know at 6:55. senators have revised a resolution to authorize president obama to attack syria. it prohibits the president from putting u.s. troops on the ground. it also limits the time for a military strike to 60 days with
6:56 am
a possible 30-day extension. meanwhile president obama is in sweden today before heading to russia for the g20 summit later in the week. tensions between the united states and russia are very high right now. russia of course is an ally of syria and does not believe u.s. intelligence reports which blame those chemical weapons attacks on the bashar assad government are credible. a volcano erupted in peru monday spewing ash into the air. a team of researchers happened to be there studying it. they ran for cover. the volcano hasn't erupted since 2009. the researchers believe monday's eruption was due to snow falling into the crater. cal fire has lifted vacation orders for communities once threatened by the yosemite wildfire. the "rim" fire has burned nearly 370 square miles since it started almost 3 weeks ago. cal fire has lifted evacuation orders for the communities in the area. it's 80% contained. they think a pot farm operation
6:57 am
started it. ariel castro the man convicted of kidnapping, raping and torturing three cleveland women for about a decade has apparently killed himself in jail. prison officials say he was found hanging in his cell last night. castro had been sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years. i'm cate caugiran live in san leandro. we just got an update from alameda county fire who say it is now two people who died in a fire in this area that we are near a mobile home park. we are told that a woman we spoke to this morning told me that she grabbed her son after she saw smoke come out of the back of this travel trailer that you're looking at right now. fire investigators are processing the scene looking for evidence on how this might have started. now, the neighbor we spoke to says it was an elderly woman and her husband who lived inside the trailer. she said she and others tried to put out the fire. they struggled to find a source of water. but first she called out and
6:58 am
asked if the woman inside was okay. >> she yelled out, no, i'm not okay! you know? so we were all trying to break the windows and trying to get in and my friend here, he broke the front door and we couldn't get in. and she had locks on the door. locks on the door. >> reporter: alameda county fire says they got here minutes after the first 911 call and by the time they got on scene the trailer was fully engulfed in flames. it was halfway through fighting the fire when they found the first person already dead. and as we mentioned to you, they just gave us an update a few minutes ago telling us there is a second person who has died in the fire but again there's a lot of work that still needs to be done on scene. live in san leandro, cate caugiran, kpix 5. the deadline to sign up for health insurance under the affordable care act is looming now. enrollment begins in less than a month and those who are uninsured have until march 31, 2014, to get coverage. the "covered california"
6:59 am
website is a good source if you need some information. a healthcare town hall meeting is planned tonight in san francisco and another one next week in hayward. last traffic check to oakland we go. they are running a traffic break near high street. chp is working to clear tie treads. beautiful look this morning from overhead, so far no big issues once again no clauses on the bridge -- no problems on the bridge. patchy, dense fog in the bay area temperatures cool 40s into santa rosa, 60s elsewhere. this afternoon 80s inland, a lot of 70s inside the bay and 60s coastside. next couple of days staying down but the temperatures heating up hot on the weekend. captions by: caption colorado
7:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it is wednesday, september 4th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." ariel castro's life sentence lasted just one month. the man behind cleveland's house of horrors is found dead in his prison cell. congress prepares for the first vote on attacking syria as president obama addresses the crisis from overseas. major garrett is with him. nfl commissioner roger goodell is here. it's his first interview since the league's landmark concussion settlement. plus, he has another big announcement. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. ariel castro who held three women captive for years was found hanging in a prison cell. >> a suicide shockn


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